UWAGA! Wolontariat w Ziemi św.!!! Ale, ale....

Kochani, wolontariat, ale nie taki o jakim dotąd pisałam!
ten wolontariat wymaga odwagi :), szaleństwa wiary ;), zapału do tego co nieznane i radości życia!
Ksiądz Piotr napisał o co chodzi po angielsku, bo wymagana jest znajomość angielskiego....
Ale i tak wiem, że znajdą się chętni!

Jeśli wy, którzy to czytacie, nie macie możliwości wyjechać, PROSZĘ, podajcie wiadomość dalej!!!

Project “Volunteering in Beit Avraham Community”

The Saint James Vicariate for Hebrew speaking Catholics offers a place for volunteer in the St. Abraham Catholic Parish in Beer Sheva.
  • The unique experience of working in the Holy Land with people of various cultural backgrounds.
  • The occasion to find out what the modern State of Israel is all about with its beauty, fascinating history, culture and challenges.
  • The possibility of learning or improving the Hebrew Language.
  • The opportunity to discover the magnificence of the Negev Desert with its capital Beer Sheva.
  • Life with the Hebrew speaking Catholics with their liturgical traditions and the migrants’ communities.

The Parish provides following:
  • Accommodation with full board in the Parish.
  • Volunteer visa for the stay in Israel (for periods longer than 3 months).
  • A stipend in amount of 700 NIS per month.

  • Good knowledge of English (Modern Hebrew recommended, but not necessary),
  • The will to work and live together with a Catholic priest (common prayers and daily Mass) and his dog,
  • Open mind and the will to learn,
  • Music skills strongly recommended (guitar, organ, piano or singing),
  • Health insurance for the period of staying in Israel.

The volunteer offers 36 hours weekly for work in the Parish. Two days in the week (Monday and Tuesday) are completely free and may be used for personal activities (traveling in the Holy Land, usage of the library at the University, etc.). During the five days (Wednesday-Sunday), the volunteer is expected to work 36 hours for the Community according to the needs: physical work (in the garden and in the Parish house), as well as intellectual (in the office and in the church). The works will be coordinated by the Parish priest, the number of hours every day may vary. The time of volunteering is 3 months (the contract may be renewed after the agreement of both sides for a longer period of time). For those wishing to stay at least one year, there is a possibility of taking classes in Modern Hebrew – it is however conditioned by the time table of the University or other institutions that offer the lessons.

For questions and details, contact Fr. Piotr: zelazko.p@gmail.com